Skincare routine before and after Exercising

Regardless of how you exercise or play sports, your skincare routine should be maintained. Mark Health 360 wants to share 3 basic steps to take care of your skin before and after exercising and avoid problems such as allergies, open pores, dehydration, and dark spots on the face.

Take note!

It is recommended to clean the face before exercising. Basic cleaning is the key; a cleanser and a light facial toner are enough to keep the skin free of impurities and makeup.


This step is probably the one that is always ignored because it is thought that wearing sunscreen can be uncomfortable when sweating. However, several sunscreen brands offer long – lasting, light density, and resistance to sweat and water. There is no excuse!


After finishing the exercise, you may notice that your skin is red. It is recommended to cleanse your skin again and hydrate it with a cream that provides nutrients and moisture to the face.

Tips of skincare before and after Exercising

  • Bring wet wipes to remove makeup from your face; it will save you time.
  • Wear an elastic cloth band on the forehead to keep excessive sweat out of your face.
  • Bring a cotton towel only to clean your face.

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