¡Latin America pride soups!

“Mark Health 360 offers you an attractive list of the most representative soups from some of our countries and invites you to prepare and share them with family and friends”

Garrobo soup:

This soup is prepared with the meat of a reptile named ‘garrobo,’ which is similar to an iguana but dark in color. This dish is popular in Central American countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Seafood soup:

This is another delicious Central American soup that is prepared with shrimps, crab meat, and fish.

Mexican Pozole:

It is a kind of broth made from corn grains of a type commonly known as Cacahuazintle. Depending on the region of Mexico, chicken or pork meat is added as a secondary ingredient.

Uruguayan or Argentine stew:

It is a delicious soup prepared with beef, vegetables, and potatoes. It came to Latin America as a heritage from our European conquerors.

Snail soup:

This is a typical dish of the country of Honduras; however, it may have other versions throughout Central America and the Caribbean. As a curious fact, this soup inspired the famous song that was immortalized as one of the most famous of the 80’s “Sopa de Caracol.”

Beef leg broth:

Beef leg broth is a soup traditional of Ecuador prepared with beef legs, yucca, mote, coriander, parsley, onion, garlic, achiote, cumin, oregano, peanuts, and milk.

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