BBQ Healthy Options!

Do not be discouraged if you are invited to a barbecue and you are trying to lose or maintain your weight. More and more alternatives are emerging to renew the traditional BBQ menu. Hamburgers or hot dogs are not the only option. A BBQ can be social, as well as a healthy experience.

Grilled Lean protein:

There are many recipes for delicious dishes cooked on the grill. Keep in mind that choosing lean cuts of beef, chicken and pork significantly reduces the number of calories to be consumed. Grilled salmon is also a delicious option that supports this type of cooking because of its level of healthy fats. For other types of fish, one option is to wrap them in aluminum foil and cook them over low heat, so they do not lose their moisture.

A tip for red meats is to marinate them in red wine at least 6 hours before cooking. According to a study by the University Porto of Portugal, in this way the number of carcinogens or elements that can cause cancer decrease by 40%.

Fruits are also an option in this category. To make them more fun, how about making them in the kebab style? Or in a delicious fruit salad with Greek yogurt, or ricotta cheese?

Increasing the consumption of vegetables is another healthy option:

The fiber in vegetables, whether raw or cooked on the grill, contributes to the feeling of satiety and provides important nutrients to the daily diet. Grilled asparagus, zucchini and corn on the cob are delicious examples.

For those who do not want to give up the hamburger, there are simple variations in the ingredients that make this dish a nutritious and healthy option.
Use whole wheat bread instead of white bread: white bread increases the amount of insulin and causes the body to accumulate fat. Changing this ingredient for whole wheat bread or rye bread can keep the fat accumulation and weight gain under control
Replace the bread with portobello mushrooms, tomatoes or even pineapple: The creativity in the kitchen has no limits. These three ingredients can simulate the appearance of bread and help “cheat” the brain while eating quality food.

“Can I see the dessert menu?”

Although it seems incredible, the menu of a healthy BBQ also has room for ice cream. The following recipe tells us to put bananas and frozen strawberries in the blender with almond milk and a little bit of honey. The result, a refreshing ice cream that has nothing to envy the traditional one, prepared with dairy, refined sugar and fat.

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