Sweet Dreams! What foods to avoid before bed

Although we can’t determine what the ideal meal would be for dinner, at Mark Health 360, we share some of the foods to avoid if you want to lose weight, maintain your shape, or improve your metabolism:


It is a highly recommended vegetable for its diuretic properties; however, celery consumption at night can make the urinary system work excessively, and if the desire to go to the bathroom increases, your rest will not be the best.


As it contains a high percentage of fat, cheese is difficult to digest at night, and since there is not enough caloric expenditure, it can accumulate in localized fat deposits. It is recommended to avoid it, especially if you suffer from high cholesterol.


This drink is ideal for the morning hours; however, it is not recommended at night. If you desire to get into a deep sleep, avoid coffee as it speeds up the nervous system and can lead to insomnia.

Spicy Foods:

When eating spicy foods at night, heartburn can occur, associated with gastritis or gastric reflux, which will not allow you to sleep pleasantly.


They can be very healthy, but for the digestion process, that is not the case if you consume legumes after 7 pm; you could have gas accumulation, stomach cramps, and abdominal inflammation.

Dinners can be your friend or your enemy when it comes to proper rest. Nutrition specialists suggest avoiding certain foods, especially after seven at night, to prevent digestive problems, insomnia, and localized fat accumulation.

The content of this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

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