The year 2019 is almost ending, and I feel very grateful for a year of achievements and experiences, a year in which Mark Medical Care has had the opportunity to help the community on a medical, professional, and human level.

All the plans and projects achieved this 2019 were possible thanks to God, my family support, and also of my team, who have brought out their dedicated job to our patients, the community, and Mark Medical Care.

This year, important plans were developed for the growth of Mark Medical Care, and we are very proud to share the news of the opening of a new office.

The year 2020 will begin with the completion of the project of the second office in Queens County and the fourth office for Mark Medical Care in the state of New York, fulfilling our goal of providing our patients and their families with more coverage in our medical services.

For Mark Medical Care, contributing to the wellness of our patients and improving their life quality are two of the most important motivations and reasons to assume our work responsibly.

Every day we feel blessed with the expressions of affection and gratitude from our patients, thanks for your continued support and trust.

I wish the new year has happiness, good health, and prosperity for you and your families.

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