Compression stockings go with the rhythm of fashion!

The compression stockings were created in the 50s. Since then they have been linked to the treatment of Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Veins. Wearing compression stockings has shown to help maintain proper circulation and improve the symptoms of cramps, numbness, swelling, and tired legs.

Although more than 6 decades have passed since its creation, it was only until recent years that its use has become popular in the mainstream. Compression stockings are now commonly worn by athletes during their training, as well as by those who are going to be travelling by plane. Such is their demand today, that we have a variety of colors and designs on the market to choose from.

The game of colors

If the intention of the wearer is to conceal the use of compression stockings, there are already brands that produce them in many shades to accommodate everyone. You can buy a pair that matches your skin tone, and another for when you have tanned legs.

An autumn ‘look’

In autumn, which is a mild weather season, it is common for women to wear skirts and short dresses with leggings. How about replacing leggings with colored compression stockings? By donning a burgundy or olive pair, you will be in fashion and taking care of the health of your legs at the same time.

The length is important

In today’s market you can choose between pantyhose, which go from the foot to the hip, or regular stockings that only go up to the middle of the calf, the latter being the preferred choice of men. There are also stockings that expose the toes to allow the use of open footwear, or that reach up to the middle of the thighs simulating a garter belt. The only important rule to follow is that the stockings must apply sufficient pressure, especially on the ankles, to adequately push the blood from the bottom up.

Compression stockings are essential for patients who have completed their treatment of varicose veins. Those who have completed their treatment at Mark Medical Care must use them consistently. Its daily use allows the patient to preserve the obtained results and prevent the formation of new varicose veins.

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