Weak nails?

Having weak and brittle nails is a real headache. Spending time and money at the nail salon just to get them ruined at the first opportunity is not fair!

Salud 360 wants to share in this article some of the care you can give your nails to return them to a strong and healthy state once again. It is a simple daily routine that could put an end to this uncomfortable and annoying problem.

  • Food: try to include foods rich in calcium such as milk, almonds, prawns, yogurt and cheese, as they will strengthen the quality of the growing nail. Also try to incorporate the consumption of green leafy vegetables and proteins like red meat into your diet.
  • Supplement your diet: consider taking multivitamins containing Vitamin A, B, C D, Silicon, & Zinc Sulfate, among others.
  • Your nails should be an appropriate length: the longer they are, the more they will be prone to break.
  • Use gloves: gloves protect your nails from water, soaps, and harsh cleaning detergents.
  • Moisturize: remember to apply moisturizer immediately after washing your hands. There are many different creams and lotions available to fit your needs.
  • Let the nails rest from being manicured for a few days: the frequent use of files, enamels, and acetone-based removers weaken the nails and often end up damaging its most superficial layers.
  • Do not bite your nails: this harmful habit is known as Onychophagia and is quite detrimental to the health of your nails.

The nails grow approximately 0.1mm per day, so the nails of the hands are completely renewed in a period of approximately 3 to 6 months; for this reason, it is important to be consistent with your care. Following and maintaining these 7 recommendations daily is the key to finally saying goodbye to weak and brittle nails.

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