Tea time! Natural Remedies

At any time of the year, and especially during winter, natural infusions can be an alternative to help us alleviate some symptoms of cold and allergies.

If you have a cold, or even if you want to prevent it, Salud 360 shares four natural herbal teas that can help you feel better.

Ginger to calm a dry cough:

This is one of the most recommended teas when cold symptoms appear. Ginger also acts as a protector of the immune system. Its lemon and spicy flavor help to refresh the throat and clear the respiratory system.

Thyme tea to fight infections:

This medicinal plant disinfects and reduces throat irritation and cough. Its antiseptic properties help fight infections and viruses that affect the respiratory tract.

Oregano, a natural antibiotic:

When cold appears, coughing up phlegm is frequent. Oregano works as an antibiotic to relieve colds and help eliminate phlegm accumulation that causes a severe sore throat and choking feeling because the lungs are congested.

Eucalyptus, an expectorant, and natural purifier:

Its infusion in small quantities can help decongest the lungs. Furthermore, eucalyptus leaves are also used to help purify the air when the flu virus enters the home.


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