Swimsuit for you

It’s time for the beach, pool and vacations, and the garment that stands out in every summer season is the bikini or swimsuit. This is the time of the year when many women wonder which swimsuit is right to wear, in terms of color and design. There are many trends, but the one you really need to choose is the one that highlights your attributes and disguises that area of the body that you don’t like so much.

First identify your body type and then choose the swimsuit according to the following guide:

Wide hips:

Wear bikinis with neutral colors such as blue and black. Avoid prints, ruffles in the hip area, and high-waisted swimsuits because they will give you more volume.

Thin Hips:

Swimsuits with prints on the bottom, as well as ruffles and light glossy tones, will be perfect for balancing the figure.

Small bust:

Choose garments with ruffles, textures and strong colors that give illusion of volume in this area of the body. Avoid smooth strapless and bust-accentuating garments.

Bulging Abdomen:

The one-piece swimsuit will be perfect for attenuating the abdomen area, opt for vertical lines, torso-height cuts and neutral colors to stylize the figure.

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