Spider veins? Dr. Ron Mark answers

We received many questions through our social networks from people seeking answers to their concerns.
In this summer edition, we have compiled the more frequent questions regarding spider veins, since it is one of the conditions that most torments people when this season arrives.

“Varicose veins are a medical condition that require specialized care. Its diagnosis and treatment must be supervised by a health professional. Each case is different, and must be treated in a personalized way”

Why do I have ‘Spider Veins’?

Generally, ‘Spider Veins’ are a symptom indicating that a person may be developing venous insufficiency. One of the main causes of this condition is family heredity, meaning that if someone in your family has varicose veins or ‘spider veins’, you have a 50% chance of developing them too. Other possible causes are: being overweight, high blood pressure or spending many hours standing or sitting.

How long it takes to see results?

The day of the procedure you will see the spider veins disappearing. However, they may become visible again in the following days with an even more intense color. Approximately after 6 weeks, you will see the final changes. This procedure is 90% effective.

Can the removal of vascular spiders cause any damage?

Spider veins don’t have any function; therefore, their elimination doesn’t cause any damage. The only reason to remove them is related to their anti-aesthetic aspect.

What treatments are available for Spider Veins?/

These small bifurcations in the legs can be treated with sclerotherapy or laser. These treatments are indicated only for this type of veins. The first option is the most common because it achieves rapid results, and the cost is affordable to most people.

Is treatment with sclerotherapy painful?/

The level of pain each person feels comfortable with is different; however, the needles used for this treatment are ultra-fine and are applied on the surface of the skin.

After treatment Care?

  • Wear compression stockings for the next 3 weeks after treatment.
  • Avoid sun exposure for at least 6 weeks after each session.
  • To relieve common discomfort, you can take some anti-inflammatory every 8 hours, during the first 24 hours after treatment.

What is the cost of sclerotherapy?

The price is subject to the condition of each patient. To obtain the cost of the treatment, you need a personalized consultation with the medical specialist. Call us and schedule your appointment: 877-673-4818

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