Professions at high risk for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins can appear for different reasons, one of which is related to some types of work or professions.

Working days that require standing or sitting for long periods hinder venous return; this means that the veins do not properly fulfill the function of carrying blood to the heart since they become inflamed and cause the appearance of thick veins.

People who stand for more than 5 hours, or stay in the same position at their workplaces most of the day, are more likely to develop venous

These occupations include stylists, security personnel, cashiers, salespeople, cleaning
personnel, operators, drivers, cooks, waiters, office positions, and professions in the health field.

Although the work you do daily can affect the risk of
suffering from varicose veins, you can create habits that reduce the negative impact on circulation:

If you sit for several hours, you can take active breaks such as standing up and moving your lower extremities in circular movements. Or move your feet up and down to ease the tension in your legs.

If you must stand up at work, stretch your calves, and try to walk for a few minutes to move your legs and promote blood flow.

If your case requires medical treatment to improve tired leg symptoms such as swelling of the feet and ankles, burning, cramps, and itching, as well as prevent the disease from progressing, a consultation with your varicose vein specialist is the best recommendation.

The content of this article is for
informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

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