No more hair! Laser hair removal … An option for you

Without a doubt, one of the dreams of many women is to be able to forget about hair removal and eliminate it from their daily routine. Over time, science and technology have created different techniques to make this dream come true, and one of the best known and most attractive techniques to achieve this is through laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a fairly simple procedure, through which the melanin, dark color, of the hair attracts the laser light and leads it to the root where the hair follicle is located. This follicle is responsible for the hair’s growth and is destroyed once the laser reaches it, preventing the hair from growing back again.

Sounds great! Doesn’t it? In the following section, Salud 360 wants to share some of the main benefits of laser hair removal:

  • 1. Comfort

The convenience of forgetting about hair removal is an indisputable benefit. The process of hair removal with laser is progressive, after each session you will notice that the hairs are weakening. The laser technique manages to eliminate up to 95% of the hair, in most cases.

  • 2. It is safe and fast

Laser technology does not involve any risk for the patient if it is performed by qualified personnel, and if the patients follow protocol. Only a few minutes are needed to treat the chosen body area.

  • 3. Helps fight skin problems

Laser hair removal is often recommended by dermatologists to combat folliculitis (ingrown hair cyst) and hirsutism (excess hair).

  • 4. Freedom and hygiene when practicing sports

Thanks to hair removal, you can feel a sense of lightness and freedom that facilitates the practice of any sport. In addition, hair-free skin helps maintain better hygiene, since hairless skin dries faster, and the decomposition that generates bad odor is avoided.

  • 5. Physical appearance

Excessive hair in certain areas of the body can cause self-esteem problems. Laser hair removal can be performed on the back, shoulders, chest, ears, and face to achieve the desired balance to look and feel better.

Take advantage of the benefits provided by this method of hair removal that is nearly permanent, and say goodbye to unwanted hair!

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