Intimate area flaccidity

Vaginal flaccidity cannot be considered as a disease, much less a physical defect, as a matter of fact, reality places it as a natural condition, part of the normal process of aging of the skin and the effect of gravity in the intimate area of each woman.

Approximately 60% of women between 35 and 65 years have manifested physical changes in the appearance of their intimate area. Changes such as thickening and enlargement of the outer lips or hyper pigmentation (dark skin tone in this area) are the most common changes mentioned.

Sexuality, something to talk about with your girl-friends

The fact that sexuality is currently a common subject in conversations between women, shows that they feel more confident and free to talk about how they feel, what satisfies them and even the existing treatments to make more attractive your intimate area.

Medicine has taken women’s concerns and queries about their sexuality very seriously. Currently there are several treatments such as Labiaplasty that help females to enjoy a more active, healthy and attractive sex life.
Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin on the labia majora. While it is the most effective and definitive method, there are other less invasive treatments that can also offer significant results in the appearance of the women’s intimate area.

Radiofrequency and ultrasound to correct vaginal sagging

BTL merges both techniques in a state-of-the-art technology called BTL EXIXLIS ULTRA as a modern and least invasive methods. Ultrasound waves and radiofrequency energy allows the device to treat deep tissues in order to stimulate collagen and elastin production and allow the formation of new fibers that will replace the already aged ones. The results are over 80% effective, after a consistent treatment, which includes multiple sessions.

Platelet rich plasma

Plasma is a natural element produced by the human body, that has the ability of regenerating any skin tissue promoting the creation of new cells that will automatically improve the appearance and quality of the skin. The procedure requires the extraction of blood from the patient, which will be centrifuged to separate the platelet-rich plasma that will then be injected by a professional in the external and internal area of the labia.
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