Healthy snacks

Find some delicious and healthy ideas below to enjoy in the summer season as a dessert at a barbecue or on the beach.

Refreshing Smoothie:

To prepare this drink you will need chopped watermelon, 5 or 6 cherries or strawberries, coconut milk and the juice of half a lemon. Put in the blender the watermelon pieces, then cut the cherries to remove the seed, and add them to the blender along with the lemon juice and coconut milk. This drink will help you cool off in the hot season and avoid drinks high in sugar and calories.

Banana and almond skewers:

For this sweet snack you will need 3 bananas, chocolate to melt, crushed almonds or coconut, and wooden or plastic sticks. Cut each banana in two pieces to introduce the stick halfway, as if it were a skewer. With the melted chocolate ready in a container, dip the bananas until they are covered, then spread the almonds over the skewers to give a crunchy sensation to the snack. Finally, take the skewers to the fridge or freezer and in a few minutes, they will be ready to enjoy.

Raspberry Snack:

In a bowl add some Greek yogurt and half a tablespoon of vanilla essence; mix until a homogeneous consistency is achieved. Once the mix is ready, take a small spoon and start filling the raspberries with yogurt. If you want you can dip the raspberries in some melted chocolate, then place them in the fridge for an hour and a half. Enjoy this easy and delicious snack.

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