Healthy and strong nails

Nails may be weakened and under-growing by a variety of factors such as poor diet, vitamin A and E deficiency, or the habit of biting them. With simple tips the nails can look long and strong in a few weeks. Natural products and homemade preparations are formulas that will help recover the healthy appearance of your nails and strengthen them.

Garlic, white vinegar and coconut oil:

In a bowl grate three garlic cloves, add two tablespoons of white vinegar and two tablespoons of coconut oil. Mix the ingredients and let them sit for a day. Preferably at night, apply the mixture to the nails and cover them with foil, leave the preparation to act for 15 or 20 minutes.

Olive oil and garlic:

For this homemade preparation you will need a small container like a dropper bottle to let the mixture of olive oil and crushed garlic rest. Apply several drops of these ingredients on the cuticle and massage it to stimulate the nail area, activate growth, and at the same time moisturize them.

Essential oil bath:

In a bowl with hot water mix a teaspoon of the following oils: coconut, castor, and rosemary. Then, immerse your nails for 10 minutes and let them dry naturally. The combination of these oils provide hydration. Castor oil contains vitamin E to strengthen the nails and rosemary oil will give them shine and help remove that yellow appearance that occurs in some cases.

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