COVID -19 Safety protocols in a medical office

Providing a comfortable, hygienic, and safe environment has always been a priority for Mark Medical Care.

At this time, we have all had to make changes in our daily life, and we must assume the commitment to follow some rules of coexistence and health to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Mark Medical Care wants to share through this publication our Safety protocols in a medical office that are being implemented in each of our offices to offer our patients and their families, employees, allies, and friends the tranquility of being in a clean and safe place.

The protocols you will find at Mark Medical Care during your appointment are:

  • Patients should arrive at their appointment wearing a mask and gloves before entering the office.
  • Appointments scheduled with a reasonable time gap between each patient to avoid large numbers of people in the waiting room.
  • Entrance with companions is not authorized. Admission to our office is exclusively for the patient.
  • Medical staff will examine patients before entering the procedure room to detect fever and rule out any symptoms associated with the virus.
  • Each patient should answer a questionnaire with questions that help rule out other symptoms.
  • Permanent disinfection at each location before, during, and after each procedure.
  • Medical personnel is guaranteed to wear sterile protective equipment at all times.

For Mark Medical Care, its main objective is to guarantee a medical service with the essential protocols required by the current situation, to ensure the well-being of the patients, their families, employees, allies, and friends, so those are our Safety protocols in a medical office.

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