Autumn Superfoods

Did you know that during the fall season, the body begins to experience a lack of energy, weakness, and slow digestion?

Nature offers us some superfoods typical of autumn to help us during this time. These foods provide a significant amount of fiber and improve body temperature regulation with the arrival of the cold days of this season.

Salud 360 shares some of these healthy foods to help you keep your calorie level in check during this time of the year.


This vegetable is a symbol of fall. Pumpkins provide a large amount of water and fiber, which help you maintain a low-calorie diet while ensuring you feel satisfied. It has a high percentage of Vitamin C, fiber, and beta carotene.

Brussels sprouts:

This food is loaded with vitamin A and minerals such as Iron and Calcium, and is low in fat content, making it an ideal option to include in your lunch or dinner.


This is one of the most recommended fruits to consume during the Fall due to its high fiber content, which stimulates intestinal transit to aid digestion. It also contains 80% water, helping the body to stay hydrated.

Sweet Potato:

This tuber is ideal to consume steamed, boiled, as a puree, or as a side salad. It is an excellent source of Iron, Magnesium, and Vitamin A. It provides superior energy to the body and is perfect for consuming in the form of a cream to supply the body with a hot, nutritious, and low-calorie dish.

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