A Healthy Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is one of the important holidays to share with the family and enjoy a delicious dinner together.
However, this celebration can turn into a difficult day to handle when you need to control calorie intake or follow an eating plan to lose weight.

This special date should not be an obstacle to your goal to stay in shape. Salud 360 gives you some tips to help you enjoy Thanksgiving without feeling so guilty.

Nutritious Low-Fat Dishes:

One way to cut calories during Thanksgiving dinner is to pair your main course with recipes for sides that are low in fat and provide more nutrients. You can include vegan sauces with mushrooms, squash, and salads to balance the percentage of fat, carbohydrates, and calories of the dinner.

Be careful with your portions:

There are so many options on the table at this special dinner that you tend to overdo the portion sizes. Nutritionists advise not to deprive yourself of eating what you like best, only eat it in moderate portions.

Drink red wine instead of cocktails:

In addition to the excess calories in the main dishes, there are also those from alcoholic beverages that contain sugar and help you gain weight. You can substitute cocktails which contain more than one liquor, for a glass of red wine.

The content of this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.


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