5 benefits of compression Stockings

Benefits of compression Stockings If you suffer from tiredness, cramping or burning in the legs, and notice the appearance of varicose veins or spider veins will help decrease the symptoms of venous insufficiency or poor circulation.

“Specialists recommend the use of compression stockings before and after undergoing a Varicose Vein Treatment”

Here five important benefits:

  • 1 Improve circulation:

Compression stockings put pressure on the lower legs to help move blood from the legs to the heart. When people suffer from Varicose Veins, the veins are not healthy enough to do this process, and the first symptoms such as inflammation, pain, and cramping appear.

  • 2 Prevent the appearance of blood clots:

Compression stockings improve circulation, and its frequent use helps prevent the formation of clots due to the pressure put on the legs.

  • 3 Prevent muscle injuries:

If you exercise regularly, the use of compression stockings will be an ally in your workouts due to their therapeutic benefits. Besides, they will help you keep warm in the cold season.

  • 4 Improve recovery after a vein procedure

Compression stockings are part of the recovery of Varicose Vein treatments. They will help maintain the results, and its use is also recommended before treatments to improve circulation.

  • 5 Protect the skin:

wearing compression stockings for a large part of the day helps protect the skin from irritation in areas such as abductors and buttocks. Compression stockings can be worn up to the knee or as full panty.

Compression stockings are classified according to the degree of pressure: Light, Moderate, Strong, and Extra strong. You should use the one recommended by the specialist according to your medical condition.

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