3 Exercises for a flat stomach

The stomach is one of the most challenging areas of the body to keep in shape. To achieve a pronounced waist and a flat and toned belly, you can follow a simple routine of 3 exercises, at least four times a week.

*To perform the exercises, you will only need a mat, a space in your home, and lots of motivation and energy to complete them.

  • Plank with Plank with knee flexion:
  • Starting in a plank position, bend your legs as if you were climbing and bring the knees to your elbows. Avoid arching your back or lowering your hips too much. Recommendation: Three sets of 15 or 20 repetitions.

  • Lying on the back with legs raised:
  • Lying on your back with your legs and arms outstretched, lift your legs together. Continue to raise and lower your legs without stopping. Recommendations: Three sets of 15 or 20 repetitions. Remember to perform a controlled movement, keep the abdomen contracted, and regulate your breathing.

  • Abs exercise with legs extended upwards:
  • On your back, start by elevating your legs. Raise your chest, trying to touch the tips of your feet with your hands. Keep your legs elevated throughout the exercise. Inhale at the start of the movement and exhale at the time of abdominal contraction. Recommendation: 3 or 4 sets of 15 or 20 repetitions.

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